The Faculty of Agriculture was founded in 1955 with only 59 students admitted to a B.Sc. program. Since then, the faculty has been expanded in both quantity and quality terms, to the extent that in the present academic year (2016-2017), it is leading its educational and scientific activities with about 140 academic staffs, serving students at undergraduate and graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) levels.


Dean                                                           Associate Dean
Dr Jalil Shafag Kolvanag                            Dr Fatemeh Kazemiyeh
Professor                                                    Associate Professor
Department of Plant Eco physiology          Department of extension and rural                                                                                    development


Associate Dean for Research                     Associate Dean for Educational Affairs
Dr Jafar Hajilou                                           Dr Hamid Paya
Professor                                                    Associate Professor
Department of Horticultural Science           Department of Animal Science