Department of Horticultural Science


Horticultural science is an applied plant science that involves the application of science, art and technology to the production of flower, fruits and vegetable crops as well as postharvest handling. Department of Horticultural Science uses various strategies to improve the production systems by integrating research areas related to the physiology of horticultural crops and their genetic improvements. Different programs offered in the Department of Horticultural Science enable students to specialize in the biology of plants and their interactions with environment, technology and economy, depending on their fields of interests. The Department of Horticultural Science offers a B.Sc. program in Horticulture, M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in Pomology and Olericulture.
Our Department shares greenhouse and teaching laboratory spaces in Karkaj. We also possess orchards (Walnut, Pome fruits and Stone fruits), vineyard, grape collections and additional greenhouse spaces for teaching at the Khalatpoushan.

1) Plant nutrition
2) Plant tissues culture
3) Organogenesis and morphogenesis
4) Cytogenetic
5) Flower biology and physiology of fruit development
6) Physiology of vegetable crops


Last Update At : 29 April 2017